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With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, Genius Technology Solutions is the automatic choice for the provision of voice, mobile and data services. Our comprehensive portfolio includes calls, line rental, broadband, IP communications and mobile voice and data services. We bring together proven and scalable products that effectively address the challenges around improved customer service and operational efficiency, whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

We have built strong and long lasting relationships with the largest network providers in the UK. This puts Genius Technology Solutions in a great position to provide reliable business grade products at very competitive prices.

Genius Technology Solutions utilises its ability to purchase high volumes of minutes each month from its providers. This volume purchasing allows for unbeatable offers to be passed on to the end user. This, combined with the extremely high level of customer service is the reason why more and more businesses are joining Genius Technology Solutions every day.

Genius Technology Solutions has dedicated accounts management and each and every customer is assigned their own account manager, who forms the single point of contact with Genius Technology Solutions.

Let us discuss your requirements over a telephone call or we can arrange an appointment for a site visit to discuss your specific communications needs. You won’t be disappointed.

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Why Choose Genius Technology Solutions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Switching to Genius Technology Solutions

Is switching simple?

Moving is easy, fast and risk free. Switching telecoms providers is nothing new and has been occurring since the telecoms market began to deregulate in the mid-80’s. For many years now the telecoms industry has had extremely reliable and sophisticated systems and processes that allow a customer to switch seamlessly from one provider to another.
Depending on which services you switch to us, a simple form or two is all that is required. Genius Technology Solutions does everything once the forms are completed and we will let you know exactly what day your services are going to switch.

What actually changes when I transfer an existing service to you?

Very little. Your invoice will arrive from Genius Technology Solutions instead of your existing supplier. Any customer service enquiries will be handled by our highly trained, friendly UK based teams. We are confident you will notice the difference should you ever need to speak with our support teams and we pride ourselves on making sure ALL of our customers are more than happy once their query has been resolved.

Will call quality/service change?

We do not own or operate any telecommunications network ourselves. Thanks to deregulation we can buy wholesale from ‘Tier 1’ companies such as BT Openreach or O2. This means there is no difference in the level of call or data quality in the services we provide. Your business or home still gets to use the best networks in the country, however as a more boutique telecoms provider and a specialist in the SME sector, we provide a more personalised service to you that the major networks find harder to do directly themselves.

Do you provide service to residential customers?

Genius Technology Solutions is focused on providing premium quality services to businesses, professionals and home workers; however, we can also accept orders from residential customers.Please speak with an advisor for more information.

Can you provide new office or home lines?

Yes, we can arrange for new lines to be installed. Please contact our Customer Service Team to discuss a range of options for you or your business.

I'm in a contract, can you help?

That will depend on the type of contract you have entered into. Most of the contracts we come across can be terminated however the terms vary from supplier to supplier. Your existing supplier will provide a final bill and you must then come to a satisfactory arrangement with your previous supplier to settle any debt or termination charges. We are happy to review any agreement you may have with an existing supplier and advise you on the options available to you. Depending on the agreement, termination charges and your overall expenditure, this may include Genius Technology Solutions assisting with partial or full payment of any termination charges incurred.

What networks do you use?

We use a variety of the UK’s best networks to ensure our customers get the right product on the right network without the need for them to deal with multiple telecoms companies.  BTOpenreach, O2, Vodafone, TalkTalk Business are amongst the networks we use.

I've got another question, where can I ask it?

If your question isn’t answered here please contact us using the details provided on the contact page.

Billing & Customer Service

How will I be billed?

You can nominate to have your bill either emailed or posted to you. Your bills will also be available for you to view and download online by clicking on the my account button at the top of each page of this website.You will need your account number and the password created when you signed up.If you don’t have this to hand, please call our support team who will happily assist you.

Each month your invoice will be sent to you via your chosen billing method. All call charges are billed in arrears and any rental charges, such as line rental or broadband access are billed a month in advance.

Can I have my landlines, mobiles and broadband all on the one account with you?

Yes. Genius Technology Solutions is one of the very few companies that can provide you one single bill for all of your telecoms needs. Naturally, the bill is simply laid out and broken down to show you how much you spend on each product.You can even design your own bill with our ‘Bill Builder’ option that allows you to pick and choose what information appears on your bill.

Do I have to pay by Direct Debit?

We offer Direct Debit as the only payment option in order to transfer discounts to our customers and ensure we can continue to provide a value for money offer as it removes the high administration costs of running a Credit Department. Direct Debit is safe and fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, this Guarantee is offered by all Banks and Building Societies that take part in the Direct Debit Scheme. If an error is made by us or your Bank or Building Society, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your branch of the amount paid.

What happens if there is a fault or problem with any of my services?

We provide free 24/7 support 365 days a year. Our landlines are maintained by BT Openreach in exactly the same way as if your landlines were with BT directly. Our highly skilled technical support team are also here to help should you have any issues at all with your mobile, broadband, mobile broadband or any other service you have with us. Our teams are all UK based and cross skilled to ensure you can speak with the same person in the same team about any issues you may encounter.

I am moving offices, what do I need to do?

If you are relocating to new premises all you need to do is contact our Customer Services Team at least 2 weeks before you intend to move to let us know your new address and what, your requirements are. We can install lines in your new premises if necessary, or turn on any ceased lines already in the building.

I've got another question, where can I ask it?

If your question isn’t answered here please contact us using the details provided on the contact page.

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Becoming a partner allows you to generate a bit of income, whether doing it as a core part of your business or simply looking for ways to earn extra money outside of your ‘day job’.

Our partner program is designed to provide you with enough information to sell our services easily.

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Why partner with Genius Technology Solutions?

Simple, easy to understand initial and ongoing training provided, if required.

Help save your customers and/or friends and family on their telecoms spend each month.


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