Protect Your Business

Lower the risk of theft and vandalism; reduce insurance costs, monitor production levels; identify inefficiencies; control logistics, off-site monitoring options available.

Bespoke CCTV Design

FREE CCTV system design service - including a detailed specification, costing and risk assessment - all available when you choose AIS Security

CCTV Maintenance

Experienced in a variety of commercial CCTV installations; AIS Security provides a high standard of work from the initial survey through to completion.

Protect Your Staff

Implement a professional system to improve safety, protect staff and customers, increase professionalism; usable as a training tool, helping you to improve efficiency.

Professional Installation

Experienced with all types of commercial CCTV installation; AIS Security provides the highest standard of work, from the initial through to completion.

CCTV Leasing

Improve your cash flow, and maximise on your tax benefits using a lease purchase. There’s the option of spreading out payments over 3 to 5 years, and at the end of the agreement, the system is yours.

CCTV In Retail

Introducing a professional CCTV system into your retailing environment can help to have a number of positive impacts on your business. Some examples of benefits are:

Theft deterrent

CCTV systems can serve as a deterrent to potential criminals. Implementing these systems means your business is protected by a closed circuit television system, and once potential thieves realise this, they will invariably look elsewhere. 

Increased detection

Business owners who actively use CCTV are more likely to get criminals prosecuted, rather than businesses that don’t. If you retail outlet does become a target, by using a CCTV system, there is a stronger chance of detection and conviction.

Elevate staff professionalism

Helping you to make sure your staff are punctual and professional.

Safer Workplace

Ensure that your staff follow health and safety policies - by using CCTV, you can make sure this happens.

Identify inefficiencies

CCTV can allow you to observe your business’ operations and identify any areas that require improvement.

Equipment inspection

By using CCTV systems, you can identify any technical issues, to ensure your production line is running smoothly.

Remote monitoring

See what’s happening, any time, anywhere. Even when you aren’t there, you can keep an eye on your business, as all AIS CCTV systems can be viewed and remotely controlled using the internet. In addition to this, AIS also offers an independent 24/7 monitoring system.

Eliminate fraudulent insurance claims

Protect your business from fraudulent claims and lower your premiums by using CCTV - helping you to keep your business running safely and securely.

Install now pay later

Limited companies which have been trading for more than 3 years can get these products on a lease basis. Find out more about the CCTV leasing options open to you.

Install Now, Pay Later

Utilising the leasing system, if your business qualifies for it, can have a number of positive benefits, including:

Improved cash flow

Cost is spread over a series of smaller, regular payments, rather than one larger payment. Money is saved from the use of the equipment rather than the ownership of it, making leasing a great option to spend less, while being protected by professional CCTV systems.

Cost efficient

The financial benefit associated with the CCTV systems greatly outweighs the costs - effectively making the systems free.

Tax benefits

Tax may be offset by leasing payments.

FIxed payments

Throughout the contract term, payments are fixed. Not only that, customers are protected from changing interest rates, meaning you stay in control of your budget and cash flow projections.

Immediate access

Access urgently needed equipment - funds don’t have to be immediately available.

Working with a range of the UK’s leading business finance providers, AIS can help limited companies which have been operating for more than 3 years. If your business fulfils the criteria, then there is a strong chance your business qualifies - get in contact to discuss your security requirements. To arrange a free security consultation to discuss your options in detail, call us on 0333 0110 512.

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