Poor Broadband Means Your Business is Suffering

Fix Your Businesses Connectivity

Check broadband speeds in your area and get solutions you can rely on


Poor Connectivity, Poor Reputation...

"What's the hold-up?"

You're about to go live on Facebook or Snapchat and you can't get a signal for your weekly scheduled session. You have a meeting with an important client coming in 10 minutes but your email is down too.

  • How does this happen?
  • What do I do now?

The frustration of connectivity problems when running a business is real. But it doesn't need to be that way. Genius' internet speed check involves our experts finding the best connectivity products for you so you don't waste time digging through endless online forums for a solution.

By using our speed test you'll also gain exclusive access to our latest info connectivity bundle that shows:

  • Why high-speed connectivity is essential for your business's future success
  • How an outdated connectivity solution can be harmful to your company's productivity levels and your team's work ethic.
  • Broadband availability in your area and how to achieve the best speeds possible.
  • The true impact of service blackspots and how this can cause a loss of potential clients and deals.
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Get My Speed Test Results, Instantly

What Makes Our Approach To Connectivity Genius?

The ideal solution for those based in rural areas whose limited internet access is putting a strain on both home and working life.

Understand Connectivity In Your Area

To achieve the level of connectivity that you need, it's key you first understand what's available to you as well as how you can achieve peak broadband speeds.

Saving You Time & Effort

Stop wasting time trying to maintain an internet connection that's never stable, now is the time to make a change to ensure you can always stay in touch with key business stakeholders.

Expertise In Connectivity Solutions

No matter what business you run, we work hard to provide the connectivity solution that's perfect for you which is why we search into the options available to find out what solution or combination of solutions is right for you.

Always Keep Connected

With a provider you can rely on, you never have to worry about randomly dropping out during important virtual business meetings or conference calls, or any other time you need to stay connected.

Superfast Broadband To Suit You

Buffering and lag can be a major barrier when you're trying to build up relationships with high-value customers, not only that, it can also impact your team's productivity more than you'd think, that's why we do our best to make sure you can stay in touch.

Elevate Your Business's Connectivity

It's easier than ever to find out the best broadband speeds available in your area - use our onsite network test to see your results instantly. Then join us on a call to discuss the options available to your business.

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