How restaurants and cafés must adapt to the expectations of modern customers

According to a survey looking at over 1000 Wi-Fi users in Europe:

84% of respondents said they were more willing to purchase goods and services from businesses that offered a free Wi-Fi service;

Almost all 96% said they would return to the hotspot location because of the free Wi-Fi;

It’s clear that free WiFi is now a key component in a successful business model. Many customers, especially the millennial lot, take it as a given, and expect this service. 100% of our team agreed that given a choice between a restaurant with or without WiFi, they’d always chose the one with! Nowadays 53% of people would be happy to sit in a café alone if they had access to WiFi, and it is this reason alone that having WiFi is so important. If your friends and loved ones are just a touch of a button away from you then you’re not restricted in the ways you can connect with them, for free over a multitude of online platforms. However, it goes way beyond keeping people connected, it makes your customers want to return and more importantly feel at home.

On average, customers spend much longer in cafes and restaurants now than they used to thanks to the popularity of working and studying remotely. This growing trend can be greatly attributed to access to WiFi. Now with the assistance of the internet you can take your work desk anywhere it’s needed. Customers are likely to spend more statistically when they have free WiFi, which makes sense if they’re hanging round for longer. Using a system like ours, you can entice customers and reward loyalty with offers and discounts. Once you’ve got them under your roof you’ve done the hard part. No surprise really given the fact that people are staying put all afternoon.

The beauty of WiFi doesn’t stop here, there’s way more to its genius. Your business can get something back for offering excellent free internet to its customers. Learn all about your clients the moment they sign up to your free WiFi. From their spending habits to visiting times, utilise the engagement tools that Genius WiFi provides and really get to know your customers, create targeted marketing campaigns and much more.

With such a wealth of information available at your fingertips, its time to connect!

Is your business missing out on the amazing potential of intelligent WiFi? If so, book your free consultation today: 


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