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It's not surprising that broadband speeds are a major concern for businesses

The slow broadband speed epidemic is making it difficult to run a business or even get any work done at home

  • How can you expect employees to be productive if they have no access to key data stored online?
  • And how can customers reach out and interact with your company when there is constant buffering while trying to take part in video calls?

But the issues don’t just end there. Lack of broadband will also have a knock-on effect on overall productivity. If your team relies on broadband to keep up with industry events, manage your business’s social media to answer customer questions or monitor a live chat, and don’t have stable connectivity to support this, they won’t be able to do their jobs effectively.


What Our Clients Say

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High-quality broadband service goes a long way

Faster broadband means your team can have an easier time staying on top of their workloads and keeping in touch with clients - whether it be through virtual calls or being on hand for support through social media.

Not just that, when you’re running a business, there’s a need for constant reliability. Whether it is accessing your CCTV, or delivering high volume content like payrolls, or advertising graphics, you need to know everything is running smoothly. 

Broadband speeds can affect 1001 little things when it comes to how your business is run on a day-to-day basis. To ensure uninterrupted service, Genius is on hand with a rapid response to make sure you get the flexible solutions you need when you need them.

How Can We Help You?


Available to more than 16 million premises across the UK, our latest FTTC solutions can provide rapid upload and download speeds to ensure seamless communication throughout your business.

4G & 5G

Always be accessible with high-speed internet no matter where you are in the country - with the right approach and understanding of solutions, connectivity is possible virtually anywhere with Genius’s flexible 4G & 5G options.

Rural Broadband

Location shouldn't be a barrier to broadband - Genius offers flexible, rural broadband solutions so that your business's potential isn't restricted by geographical location.

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