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Poor Wi-Fi quality can impact the running of your business

Ensuring you have a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your office space will provide benefits for staff in terms of communication, productivity and customer service.

However, it's not just about having a strong Wi-Fi signal - other factors such as interference from other devices could also affect the quality of your Wi-Fi connection too.

A provider who cannot provide you with sufficient bandwidth or a Wi-Fi range that is not sufficient to cover your whole office space can lead to frustration from staff and customers alike, as a lack of signal can stop effective communication overall.

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Making Connecting With Your Dream Customers Simple

If your business offers the public access to your WI-Fi, whether this is a free or paid service, you can gain insight into their wants and needs as a consumer using Guest Wi-Fi.

The analytical data collected can include Name, Gender, Age, Date of Birth, Location, Interests and Hobbies. Not only that, it is easy to monitor hotspots of activity, gain information from social media profiles or data users input into a page. 

All of this combined can be key data for allowing you to market to these people directly or take this network of communication even further by using Facebook to connect with their contacts.

Guest Wi-Fi can be the ideal way for helping you to connect with prospects everywhere and make sure that your marketing efforts have incredible levels of detail and insight to help you construct more impactful campaigns.

How Can We Help You?

Collecting Customer Data

Making it easier than ever to gain access to key analytical data that can help you determine the demographics of your ideal customer as well as details that can help you to make your marketing campaigns tailored to your audience’s wants and needs.

Location Tracking

Track users as they move around the venue - allowing you to pull heat maps that make it simple to keep track of common trends. This is key to allowing you to set up marketing in venue hotspots, all the while making sure changes map up with customer behaviour.

Targeted Marketing

Monitor customer activity and then promote your business accordingly, our portal system makes it easier than ever for you to send real-time SMS or emails to customers based on key insights such as location, demographics and loyalty.


Bespoke Konnect Suite

Genius Konnect provides bespoke smart connectivity solutions for business owners; get the best connection possible for your growing business. 

Our team of professionals are on hand to provide advice and guidance relating to how Genius Konnect’s solution can be tailored to suit you.

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