The Genius alternative to the big brand providers

BT price hike

BT recently announced that they plan yet another price hike. For small businesses trying to absorb these additional costs can be challenging. Although larger providers have highly established brands it doesn’t guarantee better pricing or customer service. So this is a reminder of your options if you are currently a BT customer. How to change [Read More…]

How restaurants and cafés must adapt to the expectations of modern customers

Free WiFi for cafe's and restaurants

According to a survey looking at over 1000 Wi-Fi users in Europe: 84% of respondents said they were more willing to purchase goods and services from businesses that offered a free Wi-Fi service; Almost all 96% said they would return to the hotspot location because of the free Wi-Fi; It’s clear that free WiFi is [Read More…]

UK bar chain now has access to valuable analytics to improve customer engagement

Bar Wifi

Venues across the UK can now capture detailed demographic and behavioural data about bar revellers following the installation of the genius WiFi and analytics solution. With 1000’s of users nationwide, the network is already proving a huge success and helping businesses to understand their customers more. The group owns a number of popular bars in cities [Read More…]

Case Study: Set your marketing on fire like Wok&Go


Wok&Go have worked with our HotSpot provider recently, to install a guest WiFi solution that captures detailed analytics about their diners. The solution was successfully deployed in seventeen of their twenty UK branches in September 2016. THE CHALLENGE Prior to September of last year, Wok&Go had no guest WiFi solution in place but their management [Read More…]

SunSol Hotels see 500% increase in reviews

Hotel WiFi

Our Wifi partner has enabled SunSol Hotels, located across the Americas, to collect 500% more reviews since the installation of its WiFi and analytics solution. By using this tool, venues and businesses that want to engage with visitors and understand the use of their physical spaces can deliver a guest WiFi solution that generates real-time analytics [Read More…]

What’s the advantage of using our managed service plans?

wifi symbol

Genius WiFi is based on a market leading platform that is used by venues the world over to improve the customer experience by harnessing data from those customers & using powerful analytics to identify their likes, interests & activities. This comes as standard with all of our systems and clients can generate reports to inform [Read More…]

WiFi and analytics is now on the menu at Aubaine restaurants

Restaurant WiFi

Diners visiting Aubaine French brasseries can now feast on free WiFi thanks to our partners service, which also allows the brand to learn more about their clientele by capturing detailed analytics from the network.With eight restaurants situated across London – including two cafes and bakeries – Aubaine has gained a solid reputation for serving up delicious French [Read More…]

Case Study: Hitting the sweet spot with customer engagement

genius hotspot

Whilst not solely used for the restaurant and hospitality industry, the Guest Wifi and Customer Engagement Solutions we provide serve businesses in the sector well. Improving both the service you provide to your customers and allowing you to make more savvy marketing decisions, just like Sugar On Top. The café has recently implemented the same [Read More…]

Case Study – Four restaurants and a bar

Restaurant Wifi

The San Marco Group is a well-respected chain of four Italian restaurants and a bar, which are located in Preston, Lancashire. Not only does the San Marco Group deliver first class food and drink, but they also clearly demonstrate superior service to their customers. The restaurants cater for groups of all sizes and customers of all ages; [Read More…]

Keeping our customers in control

Social Media

Our WiFi partner has recently written about the importance of end users of WiFi being able to have control over the data they are willing to share with companies. In the light of GDPR regulations last month, data protection is at the forefront of our minds. GDPR outlines that individuals have a “right of access” [Read More…]