How COVID-19 Has Blurred The Line Between Home & Working Life

As the lines between working environments and home life continue to blur, the importance of consistent internet connectivity becomes even clearer. 

Daily video calls are becoming more of a social norm than ever before – it’s what allows us to keep in touch whether that be for business or leisure purposes. 

But that also brings into question: are video calls going to replace telephony as the main way that we stay in touch within the next 5 years?

In this year alone, we’ve seen a huge swing to video calling as becoming just another part of business, so what’s to stop it from continuing in the future? 

With all the technological and social shifts that we’ve experienced in such a short span of time, what’s to say that it won’t have advanced even further within the next 12 months? 

What we’re getting at here is that in the future the move to hosted services is going to be essential to helping people keep connected. 

Hosted services offer greater levels of security and a variety of services for your convenience. You should also consider the current situation with copper lines – they’re being phased out and replaced by fibre and now BT plans to get rid of them entirely by 2026 as outlined in Agenda IT.

In other words, this means that fibre broadband is going to become the new normal across the UK within the next decade as older technology becomes obsolete. 

And what’s to say that the same isn’t already happening to telephony – as technology continues to advance, the need for older tech is slowly disappearing.

But making the change doesn’t have to be difficult – look at the evolution of people transferring from landlines over to mobiles.

And why do they do it?

Because it’s easier and more convenient for their day to day living, in the same way, zoom meetings are now overshadowing telephony with their simplicity. 

Finding a provider that can cover your needs doesn’t need to be difficult either, with the Genius approach it is quick and easy, we’ll even fill out the documentation for you. 

At this point you might be thinking, well won’t my existing provider be able to deal with any migration issues?

Well in due course they will but think of it this way. 

Would you rather have to go through the process at the same time as everyone else, virtually guaranteeing a slower achievement of the end results whilst your equipment and system becomes more and more obsolete, or…

Would you prefer to be a front-runner, an early adopter of the latest and greatest in tech and convenience?

Whether it be for home use or to cover the internet needs of your business, it is important to make sure that you don’t fall behind the times when it comes to connectivity 

To be ahead of the game and stop yourself from having to go through the big connectivity change along with everyone else, you need to take action now with a telecoms supplier you can rely on. 

And that’s not just a good idea – #itsgenius

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